When I was working as a website editor in the travel industry, I gave talks on backpacking and volunteering at the Roadshows and the TNT Travel Show

When I moved on to a digital agency, I gave a talk at the Content Marketing Show in London. Below is a summary of that talk, and its reception from the audience.

Content Marketing Show July 2014Content Marketing Show

In July 2014 I was one of the speakers at the Content Marketing Show in London.

I presented a poker-themed talk to an audience of around 800 conference attendees from digital agencies and in-house marketing teams.

The angle of my talk was to draw lessons from how professional poker players think about data, psychology and competitors.

You can play through my presentation on Prezi: Why Thinking Like a Poker Player Will Make You a Better Content Marketer

I was encouraged by the positive reception to my talk from the audience. You can watch a review video, see online reactions and read tweet responses below.

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Read my talk follow-up article for Brandwatch: 8 Things Content Marketers Can Learn From Poker Players