I write short fiction. Some of my stories have been shortlisted for art festival prizes. You can find a few of my favourite pieces below.


Shortlisted at the Ip-Art Festival in Suffolk. 

“The village had burned long into the night. Smoke filled the heavens like a swarm of locusts. Swirling white ash and cinder idly fell from the sky and settled like powdery snowflakes.”

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Last Sunrise

“The young man counted every step of the weathered, cracked concrete. He climbed slowly. There was no need to rush. These were his final moments.”

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The River

Shortlisted at the Frome Festival in Somerset. 

“And as I sat there, watching the alligators slowly eat my river guide, I wondered whether perhaps I was in rather a lot more trouble than I had thought.”

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The Old Man, the Boy, and the Canyon

“His bones ached. His feet were blistered. He would no longer be able to meet the boy. Not any more. This would be their last journey together.”

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Hide and Seek

Selected for the Lip Anthology, published by IP1 Magazine.

“The air is cold and the ground is covered in dew. Sofia is alone amongst the vines when the men come. They arrive in great mechanical monsters that cough up filthy grey smoke.”

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“It was the third Sunday in October, the morning of her 17th wedding anniversary, when Janice Farmer realised her husband was literally turning into a pig. ”

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