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hp-4 I blog for The Huffington Post about a range of topics, usually related to pop culture, media, tech and entertainment. I’m particularly interested in how the digital world is changing our lives. If you’re interested in checking out all my posts, you can browse my Huff Post blog archive. Below are some of my favourite posts:



I love Medium. It’s one of the most beautiful, simple and intuitive blogging websites out there. Below are a few of my favourite posts I’ve published:

The Book Boy

Cult Classic reviews on The Book Boy

I love books, and I’ve contributed a series of cult classic reviews on The Book Boy. This guest spot allowed me to write about some of my favourite authors. You can read my favourite Book Boy cult classic reviews by following the links below.

Diary of a Gringo


I created my first ever blog back in 2006, and it holds a lot of sentimental value. It covers my travels in South America and southern Africa, including entries from Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and South Africa. Most of the blog posts were written ‘in the moment’, and to retain the spirit and feeling of the journey I’ve decided not to retrospectively re-write, edit or correct any of it. Below are a few of my favourite entries.