I’ve written some of the internet. You can find a selection of my best articles and blog posts below.

The Huffington Post

I’ve contributed a number of blog posts for Huff Post, mainly on tech, travel and culture.

Is Technology Killing the Romance of Travel?

Welcome to Generation Hack

10 Hollywood Lessons on Evil Tech

How Nerds Became Rock Stars

9 Ways Gamification Could Increase Blood Donations

I worked for for over a year as a website editor. Here’s a selection of my best articles and features.

10 Tips on How to Be a Travel Writer

The 14 Best Things to Do Before You Die

A Guide to South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho

Taking the Leap: Skydiving in New Zealand

5 Awesome Places to Visit in Sri Lanka


I’ve posted articles for Lifehack that touch upon career, technology and lifestyle advice.

10 Inspiring Life Lessons from Astronaut Chris Hadfield

7 Ways Thinking Like a Poker Player Will Boost Your Career

12 Ways To Secure Your Smartphone

5 Killer Ways to Kickstart Your Career

The best of the rest

Here’s an eclectic selection of one-off articles I’ve penned covering topics such as pop culture, film, travel and business.

11 Reasons Travelling in Your 30s is Better than Your 20s (Hostelworld)

Don’t Hate the Hollywood Reboot – We’ve Always Retold our Stories (Medium)

The Things That Never Happen in Virus Movies, But Should (WhatCulture)

What do Ugly Animal Contests Tell Us about Conservation? (The Ecologist)

Is a  9-to-5 Schedule Turning Employees into Zombies? (

15 Types of Backpackers You Meet in Hostels (Hostelbookers)

How Tidal Power is Riding the Crest of a Wave (Renewable Energy World)

Why Social Media Hasn’t Killed Email Marketing (Wordtracker)

And another thing

A long time ago, in a continent far, far away, I wrote a travel blog as I backpacked around South America. Diary of a Gringo is old, but I’ll always be fond of it. Below are a few of my favourite posts.

Diary of a Gringo blog screenshotWelcome to Buenos Aires

The Salt Flats of Bolivia

Copacabana and Isla del Sol

Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley

Journey to Santiago