Howdy, web traveller.

I’m Andrew Tipp. Welcome to my website. It’s basically a portfolio. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’m a digital content strategist, I’ve worked as a copywriter and editor, and I’ve blogged for websites like The Huffington Post; this means my scribblings are scattered across a zillion zines and the entire interweb. So I’ve collected together my best stuff here: feel free to browse my online oeuvre and inky extracts.

Shrewd navigators will also find details about projects I’m working on, such as book writing and public speaking. Finally, you can learn more about me and my interests, such as gamification, lifehacking and creative writing.

I hope you enjoy exploring my digital dabblings and personal projects. If you’re interested in freelance copywriting or editing, content consultancy, creative collaborating or any other kind of proposal, please get in touch.