Howdy, web traveller.

I’m Andrew Tipp. Welcome to my website. It’s essentially a portfolio, with a few extra bits. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’m a content strategist. I work for a digital marketing agency called Further, and I blog for The Huffington Post. I’ve also worked as a freelance writer, editor and blogger. That means my scribblings are scattered across about a zillion zines and the entire interweb. So I’ve collected together my best stuff here – from online articles and blogs to print magazine features and interviews.

You’ll also find information about current projects I’m working on, like publishing ebooks or public speaking. I’m currently writing my first book, a non-fiction guide called Gamify Your Life: A Walkthrough Guide to Self-Improvement.

I hope you enjoy exploring my print portfolio and digital dabblings. If you’re interested in content marketing consultancy, freelance writing/editing, collaborating on a creative project or putting forward any other kind of proposal, feel free to get touch.